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Sioux City Physical Therapy is a Postural Restoration Certified Clinic

Postural Restoration is an innovative therapy that focuses on the influence of posture and correct body movement as the foundation for healthy living.  Sioux City Physical Therapy is the only Postural Restoration Certified Clinic in Sioux City.

The success of our Postural Restoration program is reflected in our progressive spinal assessment and treatment to correct improper movement patterns, restore proper diaphragmatic breathing and maximize proper posture to relearn normal motor patterns required for function.  We follow the principles of the Postural Restoration Institute in Lincoln, NE.

This integrative therapy approach takes into account the central nervous system and the input it receives from out muscles, eyes, vestibular and respiratory system that result in where our body is in space = Posture.  Because of our holistic approach, we have extensive advantages above and beyond traditional therapy for patients with neck and back dysfunctions.

Is Posture Just About Sitting Up Straight?

Posture is a reflection of where we see ourselves in space.  It is a position we create to enable or inhibit our ability to breathe, rotate, and rest symmetrically with the left and right sides of our body.  If we "sit up straight", but have to compensate with incorrect muscles to achieve this position, is that "good posture"?

Good posture is our muscles holding all our joints in proper alignment and maintaining this relationship throughout functional activities.  When you sit or stand with this understanding of posture, you should have both feet on the floor, even weight over your butt bones, and be able to draw a line down your side that bisects your ear, shoulder, and hip joint (and ankle in standing).  In sitting, we have a tendency to shift towards one side and position our upper body ahead of our pelvis.  This creates an improper rotation through our musculoskeletal system and requires less use of our postural muscles because we are basically "prop" sitting.  In standing, we have a strong tendency to keep our weight shifted over one ley, typically our right leg.

Adaptation and compensation of our body is a result of our functional daily activities over time.  Our personal habits of how we site, stand, sleep, walk, and breathe create these adaptations that can result in improper joint, muscle, and diaphragm rest positions, thus limiting functional movement patterns of our body.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I stand over one leg more than the other?

Do I get up from a chair using the same leg?

Do I sit and cross one leg more than the other?

Do my ribs seem more prominent on one side?

Do I have one shoulder that is lower than the other?

Do I have one or both legs turn out when I stand?

Can I touch my toes?

If you are having pain that is limiting your daily functional activities and are able to identify and restricted movement patterns, you would benefit from Postural Restoration.  We have seen excellent outcomes working with neck and back dysfunctions where traditional physical therapy was limited.

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